Biography – Darren Bond

Darren Bond

Darren Bond is a strategic planning and execution consultant, focused mainly in the financial sector.

Until 2010, he was a Human Resources Director with TELUS, managing the corporate balanced scorecard and the pay-for-performance bonus program for 25,000 employees.

Previously, Darren held senior management roles in business planning for customer care functions, encompassing residential customers up to the largest national clients.

Mixing his professional expertise with the arts is Darren’s passion. The need to distil a wide range of good ideas from people into an actionable and measurable plan is common both from the largest corporation to the smallest volunteer organization.

He creates an engaging and comfortable climate to facilitate the establishment of strategic objectives, measurements, targets and initiatives.

Darren now coaches and advises in strategic planning and execution, performance management, compensation and rewards, and strategic employee retention.

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