All Done

I have decided that this post is my last. I’m taking down my “shingle” as I wrap up my current contracting gigs over the next six months. It’s been fun.

I left TELUS in late 2010 and started this blog right away along with my new “Outburst Performance” consulting company. I’ve enjoyed putting down my little observations on a regular monthly basis since then. For many, they would be quite incomprehensible or esoteric. For others, they clearly resonated based on the feedback. So, for whatever little amusement or usefulness they provided, I hope you enjoyed it. They were picked up over thirty years. They’re ones I still use constantly.

I’ll do bit of consulting here and there, but it’s time to spend a bit more time at the piano and in the garden. That’s on the agenda.

So, here’s to turning strategy into reality. As I heard it once put, strategy without execution is hallucination. I guess life’s like that, too.

Waiting ’round the bend, Darren

Lambert Channel

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  1. John says:

    Either way, the outburst is still the same.

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