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The performance includes everything from flashy, rapid-fire playing, to swooning ballads, to stage antics, humorous stories and the good-time feel that comes with watching musicians challenge themselves and have a lot of fun.

marc atkinson trio

The music of this virtuosic group is melodically captivating, sensually charged and ferociously, technically awe-inspiring. The many original Marc Atkinson compositions are jewels in Canadian guitar repertoire.


“top-drawer picking… an inventive composer…a truly original voice.”” – Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“ . . . this CD is a delight to listen to. Anyone who is a fan of acoustic guitar music should definitely grab a copy of III.” – The Hot Club UK

“Every tune is a jewel.” – Dutch Hot Club de France

 “Amazing players”  “Supremely melodic” – Penguin Eggs Magazine

 “This is the third Marc Atkinson Trio album and while the first two showed him as someone with all the panache to hack it with the best, this lifts matters to out-of-the-ordinary, not only for the polished sheen of the performance, but for the sheer quality of the original compositions.” – Maverick Magazine – Scotland

 “They’re outstanding for their vitality, exuberance, elegance & melodic strength, and for the joy these three fine musicians share… Atkinson is a daring & inventive acoustic guitarist and a powerful force in the new roots/jazz movement.”- Toronto Star review

“a remarkable guitar player . . .innovative and dazzling” – Vancouver Province

“Cinque Terre rolls out like something Bach would write” – Vancouver Sun


“It’s not just that Atkinson is so technically proficient that he can spin out seemingly impossible-to-play, breathtaking lines at will, it’s the emotional nuance and sense of humour in his work that are so engaging. Drawing on classical, jazz, roots, and even some rock traditions, he dips into a deep well he has visited many times to surprise and delight his audience with new takes on old tunes and sensitive renderings of his own highly melodic compositions.”   Rick Gibbs, Island Jazz


After more than two decades of musical output, Marc Atkinson is both difficult to define and readily identifiable. He is first and foremost a masterful acoustic guitarist who combines lyricism, rhythmic precision and technical mastery into a distinctive guitar voice. That voice is further defined by Atkinson’s significant talents as a composer of lush and melodic original works. His virtuosity and compositional strengths are showcased in the recordings and live performances of the Marc Atkinson Trio, the internationally renowned acoustic trio described by Jurgen Goethe as “one of the top ten of the world’s working string trios.”

Atkinson is arguably as well known for his contributions to Canada’s roots/acoustic music super group, The Bills, where he “explores his mandolin personality,” while also contributing guitar instrumentals, vocals and original compositions. One of the group’s founding members, Atkinson is featured on all five of The Bills’ CDs, including two Juno nominated albums.

Along the way, Atkinson has emerged as a skilled record producer, taking the helm on recordings not only for the Marc Atkinson Trio and the Bills’, but also for a growing list of international music artists. Atkinson has earned producing credits on dozens CDs, most of them recorded at The Barn Studio on Hornby Island, the professional sound studio he opened in 2010.

While Atkinson is distinctly uncomfortable discussing music awards, he is the recipient of many of them. He is a Juno nominee and winner of two Western Canadian Music Awards, including a nomination for Outstanding Album Award. His CD, The Marc Atkinson Trio II, was voted one of the top five albums in North America by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and his music has been published in Guitar Player Magazine.

Atkinson lives, writes and records music on Hornby Island, one of the beautiful Gulf Islands on Canada’s West Coast.


the marc atkinson Trio: IV

the marc atkinson Trio: III

the marc atkinson Trio: II

the marc atkinson Trio: I

Trail of Tales (The Bills)

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