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Outcome, Process, People

It’s quite fascinating to read the news and see story after story that follows much the same arc: A group is furious about the outcome of some decision and as a result spares no effort in blaming the process that … Continue reading

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As Peter Drucker is said to have said, “manners make an organization run.” Now, perhaps this overplaying the concept, but these days when so much attention is paid to values, I can attest to the fundamental truth behind this.

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Facilitating Full Dialogue

Often when you’re facilitating a conversation you pick up on misinterpretations on what the other was saying. People frequently do what I’ve heard called “talking past each other.” They’re so focused on getting their own point across that they’re not … Continue reading

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January Strategy To-Do List

As everyone returns from the holidays, we’re both fresh and forgetful.

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Keeping the Momentum

It’s approaching the end of the calendar year. Looking back, many organizations have done their strategic planning in the second and third quarters. From there they shifted into budget-setting mode in the fourth. There now lurks a danger: entropy.

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Treat Them Like Adults

In the land of performance management a lot of talk goes on about employee engagement and transparency and objectives and communication and so on. However, the more talk there is, somehow the less actual execution there is; or, rather, the … Continue reading

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Performance Communication: No Excuses

Inevitably, one of the “big” topics that comes up – and which is usually derided in its execution – is communication. It’s either that it’s not happening at all, or that it’s being done poorly. Frankness is valued, but everyone’s … Continue reading

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