Strategy in Summer – Are You Nuts?

So, August is a beautiful time of year in Canada and perhaps thoughts of strategy and execution are far away. Understandable. And yet we all know that often our best ideas come when we least expect it. In the shower; walking the dog; watching a movie.

Ideas, like so many kabobs

Ideas, like so many kabobs

If you find that – while lounging around or waiting for the steaks to finish – your mind turns to “work,” don’t push it aside. Toss any ideas around – like so much Greek salad – but just for a minute.

September’s not too far way – in some ways the start of the new year – building budgets, and so on. Having really let yourself relax – and hopefully you have – there could be some fresh clarity to your thinking. Jot down an idea or two and then go back to your kabobs.

Don’t pull out any charts or graphs, just ponder: how are revenues and expenses now that we’re soon to close off third quarter? Are customer acquisition and loyalty rates on track? How is productivity? Employee engagement?

Even without looking at your monthly scorecard, you probably have some niggling thoughts of where the focus should be back at the office. These are more than likely going to come to you anyway so never let a period of relaxation go to waste.

There will be lots of fires to put out come the fall, so a little creativity during the summer is like a twist of lemon.

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