Summer and Execution: Stop or Go

Most strategy execution requires the commitment of multiple people from multiple areas of an organization. Since it can be almost impossible to coordinate calendars, recurring weekly or monthly meetings are arranged.

There is rarely full attendance at these meetings – live or audio-conference – because of urgent business or vacation. In the summer, this is especially challenging, to the point where it’s debatable whether or not to even hold meetings.

So, what to do: write August off, or keep going?

Stop or Go

Summertime Meetings: Stop or Go Photo: Darren Bond

I think it’s best to keep going.

Firstly, nowadays, people spread their holidays throughout the year, especially in the winter months for Canadians. So, there’s never going to be a clean-cut time to hold or cancel a meeting.

Secondly, one calendar month is still a significant portion of any year. If strategy execution is tied to key organizational objectives, this can be crucial.

Thirdly, since Labour Day is almost more of a “new year’s day” than January 1st in many ways, it’s good to get a jump on things ahead of the return of people from holidays with ready-to-go plans well in progress rather than having lost momentum.

Fourthly, summertime meetings can give an opportunity for delegates to become more involved. This can also feed into succession planning by giving greater responsibility to high potential employees.

So, even if only half of the required people for a meeting are present, keep going. The rest can catch up or send a delegate to speak on their behalf and make decisions.

Simply keep pushing your recurring scorecard-oriented agenda. Go!

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